Modularity means you can configure the system to match exactly your business but allows you also to upgrade functionalities in the future.

Player Tracking

Total overview of player results, cash flow, their preferences and ranking.

Cashless Operation

Players move comfortably between slots, cages and kiosks with no down time waiting for attendants.


Removing cash from the floor but retaining the feeling of paper.

Jackpot Games

Mystery and daily jackpots up to 6 tiers, grouped by slots, player level, zones etc.

Raffle Games

A classic but now automatic, exact,  and fair distribution of tickets to players with different playing habits.

Player Bonusing

Real time bonus information on player screens. Automatic player level up/down with awards and much more


Create dynamic campaigns based on many real time parameters. Automatic SMS invitations expense analysis.


Complete slot result data at any time providing full financial and analythical information.


Precise cash flow handling, fast operation and minimized stress for casiers at peak hours. Full cage reconsiliation.


Seamless and fast player enrolment combined with automatic initial awarding, check in/out, barred player handling etc.


Give player transaction privacy and relieve cashiers form pressure in busy hours.