Payment Terminal

The unmanned payment terminals from CountR and GeWeTe will seamlessy integrate with the eFLOOR system. The kiosks accept banknotes, coins (optionally) as well as the eFLOOR cashless member card. Loading and redeeming credits from the player’s cashless account is simple, quick and secure. It will further convert player points into cash or be transferred to the player's cashless account.

These terminals quickly become very appreciated among the players.


Secure Money Transactions

All pay-ins and payouts are completely safe and no mistake in money handling is possible.

Transaction Privacy

Players are very pleased to be able to perform fund transactions in complete privacy, far away from attendants or other players.

Cage Relief

At busy hours the cashiers are heavily loaded with work and mistakes can easily occur. The payment kiosk will relief the cage from critical money handling and queues in front of the cashier’s desk will disappear.


  • Load cash onto cashless account.
  • Load cash to TITO ticket
  • Redeem cash from cashless account.
  • Redeem cash from TITO ticket
  • Redeem cash from points.
  • Receive ticket as change on payouts – no round-downs.
  • Bill breaking.
  • Optional coin handling.
  • Optional PIN code restricted payouts.
  • Optional full POS operation accepting bank cards.