Raffle Games

The often used “sidekick” on the floor is with no doubt the raffle game. It is highly appreciated amongst the players but is often hard to manage as it is difficult to decide who (what player) is eligible for a raffle ticket and who is not.

The eFLOOR SmartRaffle makes your raffle games extremely easy to manage as the system qualifies the player that will receive a ticket in real time and  based on set criteria. Even ticket printing may be automatic.


Exact ticket criteria

Tickets will no longer be issued on attendants’ estimation of player activity. The system will distribute tickets fair to all players based on their turnover at the slot and this cannot be disputable.

Keep the raffle drum

The drawing still takes place from the mechanical perspex drum as opposed to electronic drawing which may be seen as compromising drawing credibility.

Complete ticket information

The players name is printed on the ticket together with the raffle game name, the upcoming  drawing time and the playing slot machine number. No hand writing on the ticket needed.


Multiple simultaneous raffle games

Multiple simultaneous games with different drawing intervals, prizes, turnover criteria etc. may be created. One ticket may be valid for both daily, weekly and monthly drawings simultaneously – any preferred setup.

Promotional raffle tickets

Issue promotional tickets on registration, from campaigns or freely on any occasion as comps.

Ticket Security

Tickets can only be printed once, and winning tickets are automatically declared invalid in the system once they have been won or the raffle game has ended.

Multiple ticket redeeming options

The player can redeem the ticket at the cash desk or at the optional stand-alone information kiosk on the floor. Alternatively, the attendant can pick up all automatically printed tickets and distribute them to players on the floor, or all earned tickets may be printed at once and placed directly in the drum.

Alternative automatic comps

Issue complimentary items (drinks etc.) to players based on their turnover by creating “voucher tickets” that will be issued as they are earned at the slots.