Cashless Operation

Following the trends in everyday life, there are so many reasons to go cashless on the floor. 

In comparison with pure coin/bill operation or even with coexisting TITO handling the advantages are to significant to ignore.

eFLOOR’s SmartCash cashless module is running smoothly, accurately and to great comfort for both the player and the operator.

Reduced operational costs

Coin refills and hard count is eliminated which reduces staff load.

A GREEN solution

The player card is fully recyclable eliminating any operational waste.

Slots always available

Machines will never again be idle because of blocked coins, note jams or waiting for attendant payouts.

Maximized Player Comfort

Only one card is needed to move funds, collect points, use promotional benefits, discounts, credits, gift redemptions, comps etc.

Significant investment cost cut

Complete coin, bill and ticket handling may be replaced by cashless operation.


Quck fund transactions

Moving between machines is simple and quick thus reducing dead time at the machine by waiting on the attendant handpay or repeatedly inserting rejected notes into the bill acceptor.

Secure credits

Like banking, the card stores only the account ID number and the actual account is on the server. Losing the card will have no effect on player account balance and the lost card can instantly be blocked and replaced.


Automatic payout

To make a payout to the card at the machine the player only needs to press payout or leave the machine with zero credits. Same as before cashless operation.

Promotional money

Issue promotional credits through campaigns. and other methods. Players can only play these credits but not cash them out.

They may however cash out winnings that resulted from playing promo credits.

Player account management

Full and detailed reporting is available for individual and grouped players, for both detailed and summarized transactions.

Cashless option by slot/member

The cashless function may be disabled on specific machines or for specific players. This may be requested by the player.

Anonymous Playing

The operator may optionally use cashless in anonymous mode without forcing players to register to receive the card.

WAN Support

All slots on all linked locations may be used with the same card.