Slot Accounting

The default module in all management systems. Reading machine meters manually is a terrible waste of recourses, occasinally involving extra staff and it is very time cunsuming just to get the slot results. As manual reading is of repeating nature the results may sometimes be inaccurate. Especially in 24-hour operations where players are present all the time, stress is an additional factor. This may often result in  miscalculations and repeated reading procedures.

eFLOOR’s eSlot slot module captures all slot data in just a few seconds regardless casino size. All the time.


Fast Meter Reading

Performing a slot audit usually takes around 10 seconds for any amount of slots, and final reports are available instantly.

Unified Results

Due to unique item modelling, all meters are transformed into the same meter type regardless of the machine brand and model. This results in fully comparable data between machines and enables true performance ranking.

Accurate Meter Reading

The system simply cannot make a mistake. Data is directly captured from the EGM and transferred to the server database.

Consolidated Reporting

Machine meter results may be grouped using many characteristics such as manufacturer, model, game type, denomination, date etc. but also by game data such as bet, drop, win, handpay, average bet, active play time etc.

Staff Load Reduction

No more need to keep personnel occupied with tedious meter reading, one person is needed for complete slot auditing and the audit reports are instantly available. Auditing may be scheduled for automatic reading resulting in zero staff required.


Event Capturing

All events sent from the EGM are captured by the system and issues are detected immediately.

Mechanical Meter Support

eSlot can read up to eight mechanical meters in parallel with reading electronic protocol meters. Mechanical meters may be set to replace a protocol meter should the EGM not support any universal protocol and the reading is transparent to the operator.

On-line Data

All meters and audit items may be monitored live and screen data is refreshed every 5 seconds.

Total Reporting

More than 30 reports standardly available to present all machine performance results like bet, win, drop, bills, hand pays, jackpots, revenue, game, door open etc. Complex reports will show average bet, time related data, bet variance etc. and will reveal hidden profit makers or show machines that would be due for replacement. Absolute meters, group totals, handpay consolidation, fund/game revenue difference - all there to make management decisions safe and easy.

Secure Data Storage

The machines do not have to be switched on to perform the audit. Last correctly read meters are safely stored in the server. The eFLOOR SMIB (slot interface) does not store any information and is remotely configured, hence can, if needed, be easily replaced with no data loss.

WAN Support

Several locations may be linked together, and data collected by a central server giving the management central access to all audit data instantly. Web based access and custom report/chart generation is all included.