Player Bonusing

It is one of the most attractive player incentives. Seeing points increasing for every bet has several positive aspects. After a session of money spent the player will appreciate earned points or gifts that may be redeemed. Also, after a great win, the additional bonus points make an even greater impact on the player.

But probably the best aspect is the long-term point collection where the player may redeem an expensive and special gift that they would never consider purchasing before and this will be remembered.

Our bonusing module ePrizing is included with player tracking.


Targeted bonusing

Bonus points may be configured to motivate the player to play specific slot machines or to visit the casino at specific hours depending on the goal set by the operator.

Additional playing motivation

Increasing the earning bonus point factor to match a higher player level will additionally motivate continuous playing

Restricted payouts

Points may be redeemed as non-cashable credits that can only be played so the redemption will never leave the casino.


Visible points

Global and session points are visible directly on the machine player panel. A bar representation of current points and points needed to step up to the next level clearly tells the player what the goal is and how to get there.

Flexible point calculation

The resulting bet factor formula by which points are earned depends on, machine- player level- and campaign- point factors.

Multiple separate awards

Players may be awarded points manually, on registration, on happy hour, on level change and from campaigns.

Gift shop management

Bonus points may also be redeemed as gifts at the gift shop on the floor. Complete handling includes issuing, stock management and expense reports.