This is probably the most important module in a player tracking configuration. It will allow the creation of dedicated campaigns  with many options, filters and triggers.

The campaign wizzard will guide you through the complete setup procedure and analythic tools will prezent the results od set campaigns even before they have ended.

Campaign messages may also be presented on the high resolution color LCD located on the installed player tracking panel where player points also are shown.

When not present in the casino, players may be informed of any casino activity information via SMS messages. eFLOOR's dedicated campaign engine eCampaign incorporates all the above mentioned features.


Increased visits and play

Campaigns always attract registered players but also annonymous players will want to enroll. Continuous and diversed campaigns will keep the casino constantly busy.

Direct information

The player may be informed about all casino activity via the player LCD from presentations created in-house, like a new upcoming campaign, raffle draw or anything that may be of general interest for the player.

3rd Party Advertising

Presenting the bar, gym or restaurant across the road may create an additional income to the casino or may boost other company activities.


High Resolution Display

The player information display built into or mounted on the side of the slot machine is ahigh brightness LCD with touch screen capability that is very pleasant to look at.

Player Targeting

Players may be filtered by name, age interval, birthday, gender, player group, level or visiting habits.

Slot Targeting

Select single slots, slot groups floor areas and/or bet amounts as a condition for awarding the player.

Slot Advertisment

Adverts and other media content may be presented depending on whether the slot machine is idle, played by an anonymous player or played by a member. Messages may be created to promote membership enrolment when non-members are playing etc. Adverts may be pictures or videos. The editor allows scenes to be ordered freely and the complete scene set may be repeated forever or set to a limite period.

SMS Announcements

Registered players may receive announcements and other useful information via SMS and in relation to various casino events.

Targeted Stand-alone Messages

Player parameter filtering is available for more precise customer targeting. Send messages to selected players like on their birthday or on women’s day.


Campaigns may be created in various time patterns and the calendar widget include complex options that makes it possible to create complex schedules for precise campaign definition.