The Ticket-In Ticket-Out payment method has been around for several decades now and is still very popular amongst players and operators.

Many players love anonymous cash handling, especially no bad note rejections and the feeling of paper value like real banknotes.

Operators love the secure money handling and time-reducing "attendantless" payouts and eTicket is the answer.


Anonymous Playing

Players do not have to be registered to use the cashless comfort while moving between the machines.

Fast money transactions at the machine

Tickets are printed at the machine to the full payout amount so moving between machines is efficient and does not require attendants or cage operators.

Relaxed operation

Tickets reduce both player and attendant frustration at the machine caused by repeated insertion of rejected bad notes.

Player Comfort

Use the ticket to move credits between machines, use promotional benefits, create gift redemptions, complimentary credits etc.

Reduced running costs

Coin handling may be replaced by TITO operation.

Maximized security

Moving paper between slots eliminates large note volumes present on the floor and lowers the risk for break-ins and slot demolishing.


Handling comfort.

Apart from all standard handling functions tickets may be blocked, cancelled, reissued and more. Lost or damaged tickets may be reprinted (conditionally) and of course ticket transactions are tracked.

Secure TITO transactions.

As tickets are validated by the system and the ticket transaction number is never ever reused, fraud is not possible.

Promotional Tickets.

Issue dynamically playable-only promotional tickets at the reception, at the cage, or during play, directly at the slot machine.

Reporting and statistics.

Full periodic reporting is available such as issued tickets, currently active tickets, cancelled, reprinted, blocked and so on.